Don't miss the “Circus Loonies” - "Cirk Chudakov", the most exciting culturally unique show of the year tours in North America this fall! It is a perfect family event, featuring elements of traditional circus performance merged with a fabulous theatrical show. This spectacular performance with great soundtracks and vivid costumes had a tremendous success in Europe and Asia! The marvelous world of your favorite characters of Russian folk tales such as Petrushka, Baba Yaga, Cheburashka, clowns, «hippo's” ballet, “elephant” weightlifters and other man-height puppets along with “self-playing” Russian musical instruments - Russian accordion, harp, balalaika, musical spoons, and modern-opera vocal creates a breathtaking and unforgettable experience for the audience. The show is based on Russian folk tales, performed in the traditions of the Russian (Stanislavsky)Theater School featuring with folk Russian song and dances, Soviet Estrada and cartoon songs and unique Russian humor.

In the programme:
- Russian folk characters from Russian folk tales: Petrushka, Baba Yaga, Goryunych the Snake and others
- Characters from Soviet cartoons: Cheburashka, Gena the Alligator, Wolf "Nu, pogodi"
- Clowns and acrobats
- Man-height puppets: hippos, elephants, ostriches
- Musical puppet-orchestra: Russian accordion, Russian Harp, Balalaika, musical spoons
- Russian folk songs and dances and Soviet Estrada and cartoon songs The most exciting Russian culturally unique family show "Circus loonies" tour will take place in October - November 2018 in USA and


феерическое шоу, насыщенное разнообразием персонажей и основанное на самых ярких номерах театра.

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